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Porcini – Boletus

Porcini – Boletus

OriginLatvia, Sweden
TitleCube, Class I,II,III
StatusSalted, Frozen
Packaging10Kg paper cardboard

Porcini – Boletus edilus

Boletus edilus is a edible mushroom widely distributed across Europe. Pharmeko collects this mushroom for the food industry.

The boletus mushrooms are undoubtedly among the most popular and valuable in terms of gastronomy, representing the ideal of tasty fungus hidden deep in the woods.
Their size, firmness, pleasant taste(sometimes sweet), smell depending on fungal species, make them perfect to be used in any food preparation that see the mushroom as the main character.
The mushrooms we offer are collected in Northern Europe, depending on the type, they are cut and frozen or kept whole and then divided into three different quality categories.

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